You’ve heard us tell you that marketing is about building connections, visibility, and credibility.  But there’s one underlying, fundamental aspect to marketing your practice that should permeate everything you do: human emotion.  Sure, it’s crucial to develop a web presence through a comprehensive site and social media activity, and yes, … Read More

At PRM, we are huge proponents of smart advertising, and one of the best tools at your disposal is Facebook Advertising. Facebook ad campaigns are an easy and cost-effective way to consistently connect to people who have already expressed an interest in your practice, keeping you front and center when … Read More

Healthcare Pinterest Marketing: Pinterest isn’t just for sharing recipes, wedding planning, and retail marketing.  With the addition of a “Health & Fitness” category to its boards, the social network has increased the possibility for healthcare niches to connect … Read More

There’s a wealth of healthcare social media information out there for providers to read through and work into their social media marketing plan. However, gleaning the good out of the garbage is a nearly insurmountable task. When it comes to social media for healthcare, the information overload seems to actually … Read More

A physician liaison, or physician relations manager, is a professional dedicated to representing a physician or specialized medical/surgical group in an effort to establish and strengthen the relationship between potential referring physicians and hospitals. By maintaining an open line of communication with physicians and performing diligent outreach, physician liaisons maintain … Read More

Social media ROI – the myth, the legend!

It’s the million dollar question – can you have a return on investment on your social media activities, and can it be measured? Many of our clients have told us that they’ve heard you can’t accurately measure social media ROI, or they’ve invested … Read More

Did you get a website up and running because someone said you needed one? Don’t get me wrong, every business needs a website. But a website isn’t just a placeholder, and a bad website can actually be harming your practice. Below, we explore a few healthcare website design issues that … Read More

Through the innumerable forms of marketing, referral marketing stands out as vastly superior for most businesses- but ESPECIALLY for healthcare specialty practices.  Healthcare referral marketing is also an entirely different beast as compared to referral marketing for retailers and small business, due to the nature of the relationships built.

Traditional forms … Read More

Social media is a virtually untapped way of marketing your medical practice. Read on to discover how it can help your practice rise above the competition.

Have you integrated social media into your practices marketing efforts?  Do … Read More

PRM launched its new website: The new design is simple, sleek and modern,  reflecting the company’s mission to provide physicians with a straightforward source for healthcare marketing information while showcasing their services offered, which include marketing plan consulting, referral development, SEO, website & graphic design, social media management, advertising campaigns, … Read More