Your online reputation as a physician is crucial, probably even more so than you may realize. The Internet has opened up the door to allowing people to access info on your practice and yourself, but by the same token it has made it possible for there to be fraudulent information … Read More

We *love* making your practice stand out online!
For many practices, January & February are slow months as potential patients clamp down due to renewed deductibles and recovery from holiday expenses.  Knowing this, it’s the PERFECT time to put into action a marketing strategy to promote your practice’s visibility in Google’s … Read More

Orthopaedic surgeons:  want to grow your practice? Practice growth can be stimulated in a huge way by increasing patient referrals to your orthopaedic practice.

At Physician Referral Marketing, we focus on several channels to drive the growth of a practice, including digital marketing, local online visibility/SEO, outreach efforts to … Read More

As a physician or practice owner, you know by now that search engine optimization is essential to grow your practice.  You’ve likely been approached daily via email, mailers, and phone by companies asking for your business and promising the best online visibility.  Maybe those hard pitches are a … Read More

If you’re like most medical practices, you have a hard enough time getting yourself to rank for one website- coming up with relevant content, getting your local listing to rank, sharing through social, etc.  So why on earth would you want to have two or more sites? With multiple sites, … Read More

Marketing a podiatry practice may seem daunting, and it should- competition in cities with established podiatrists is fierce, and podiatrists are some of the front runners for adopting new marketing techniques and advertising standards.  Podiatrist employment is increasing faster than average according to the US Dept of Labor report on … Read More

Google Hummingbird affects medical marketing in a huge way, and if you’ve been using underhanded ‘black-hat’ techniques or dealing with a disreputable company, you may been in for a rude awakening.

When you search for something on Google, results vary based on location, individual, time of day, and social site interaction … Read More

As a physician or healthcare provider, you likely already know that you need a website.  But, after that website is created, how do you make sure that it’s found when someone searches for your specialty? SEO strategy is that crucial component that turns your website from a passive bundle of … Read More

Semantic searching is poised to make massive changes in your search results and overall SEO strategy. It’s a concept that’s been around since at least 2008, but only recently began to impact content creation and SEO strategies.  The main driver for this change is Google (as always) and … Read More

Congratulations! You’ve picked the location for your new office space, you’ve hired administrative staff, and your equipment is all installed.  Now, onto the most important task for your burgeoning practice: getting patients in the door.  How to market a new medical practice is a topic not often explored, despite being … Read More