We recently won a top spot among the Top 20 Advertising Agencies in metro Detroit, and we couldn’t be prouder!

From their notes:
Physician Referral Marketing is a full-service advertising and marketing agency that focuses on assisting physicians and dentists in the health care industry with advertising their services online and through … Read More

Update January 2019: is not responding to most emails, contact forms, or review disputes. Read more about it here. If you have a review you wish to dispute, your best bet is to contact us and take part in our pay-for-performance reputation restoration program.

Update June 2018: no … Read More

Nobody likes Vitals.  Sometimes I suspect even employees at Vitals dislike Vitals.  But lately, physicians and practices dislike it even more than normal.

See, several years ago Vitals allowed physicians and practice managers to claim their profile and access a backend to manage the information displayed and the get a birdseye … Read More

There’s no single ‘silver bullet’ or one-size-fits-all method to a recruitment search. Like a snowflake, no two recruitment searches are ever alike. So you need to have a variety of tools in your tool belt if you want to be a successful recruiter.
For this article, we’ll focus on LinkedIn in … Read More

Offering great customer service has been a powerful marketing initiative for any and every business for as long as we can remember. Whether its the sincere small-talk with a clerk, a rare glimpse of honesty, a great return policy or even convenience, great customer service has not only encouraged loyalty … Read More

Providing a great service for our patients is certainly an important element of marketing our medical practices.  However, our patients are not our only patrons. One of the most powerful sources of new patients can come from referring physicians. For many, this might even be the strongest … Read More

We hear day in and day out about how important “word-of-mouth” is to our practice’s referral-based marketing. However, don’t undermine the importance of documenting these satisfactory visits.  With the internet as the driving force behind potential patients finding you, it’s essential to generate positive reviews … Read More

With referral-based marketing, we often discuss several opportunities to get out there, interact with others, and give presentations to potential referral sources whether it’s to another physician or to the community.  We have an entire referral outreach marketing program dedicated to getting you or a … Read More

Presented by Laura Mikulski at the 2017 Annual Conference for Free Clinics of Michigan.
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Why Use Social Media
As an organization you can use social media to educate, inform, spread awareness, advocate, and raise funds for your clinic. The platform with the largest user base is … Read More

A huge source of concern that’s been building over the years is the sometimes severe drop in referrals specialists see when their referral sources become part of an integrated healthcare system.  It’s already known that some hospital groups, such as Henry Ford Hospital here in Michigan, make it impossible to … Read More